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We firmly believe that a genuine adventure bike ought to flatter the rider, not intimidate them.

When the going gets tough, a physically large and heavy high-tech’ motorcycle can quickly become a liability. Power and complex cutting-edge electronics have their place, but are rarely a substitute for inherent light weight and nimbleness.

Experienced overland travelers will add that simplicity, reliability, all-day comfort and good fuel economy should all be a priority if you wish to venture confidently into the unknown!

At the same time, we are aware that a modern ‘Adventure’ bike also needs to offer day-today usability – with the flexibility to fulfil a wider variety of roles than a traditional dual-sport machine, and ideally be as comfortable on the highway as it is capable off-the-road.

Why the Rally Raid Honda CB500x Adventure?

  • Lightest twin cylinder adventure bike.
  • Spare parts and servicing easily available through Honda big wing dealers throughout Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia
  • Fuel economy, 400 km range.
  • Low seat height
  • Luggage and pillion passenger capacity
  • Rally inspired suspension made by Tractive / Holland, same as Touratech.
  • Heavy duty spoked wheels 17” rear, 19” front.
  • Priced between Honda crfl 250 Rally and Honda Africa Twin 1000.
  • Will fit any year CB500x

*Complete kit compromises of over 70 individual parts*

Come & meet us! We will be at the ASIA TRAVEL EVENT 2017, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

With a standard specification that includes a useful 250 mile fuel-range, a compact fairing, plenty of luggage capacity, and low maintenance; the twin-cylinder Honda CB500X is already an excellent all-rounder at a very affordable price, which is also fundamentally fun to ride!
Ensuring we retained all these key attributes as part of our Adventure conversion, Rally Raid Products have comprehensively re-engineered the front and rear suspension to offer adjustable damping and longer travel, with a corresponding increase in ground-clearance.

Together with our unique heavy-duty spoked wheel-set (featuring a 19” front wheel) we have significantly enhanced the off-road and dirt-trail capability of the standard machine.

Completing our core Adventure package are a range of associated upgrade components and accessories that allow you to tailor the machine to your exact preference – including substantial engine protection and a range of soft-luggage mounting options – and all of which have been carefully designed to retain OEM levels of fit and finish. The result is a genuinely all-road capable, and overland travel-ready machine.

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How much taller is the bike once the long-travel LEVEL 2 suspension and 17/19” spoked wheels are fitted?

We have measured our LEVEL 3 bike (fitted with Continental TKC80 all-terrain tyres) at a little over 34″ seat height (870mm). To compare, the standard seat height on the OEM cast alloy wheels and street-biased tyres is 31.9 inches (810mm).

My bike has ABS – do the Rally Raid spoked wheels still work with the ABS?

Yes, they certainly do. In the UK and Europe the CB500X is only sold as an ABS equipped model, so it was essential that our replacement wheels would retain all the OEM ABS and braking components. They work equally well with the non-ABS bikes too of course.

In addition, the RRP spoked wheels also retain the OEM cush-drive/rear sprocket assembly, and everything is re-mounted using the OEM hardware. This makes ordering replacement parts such as wheel-bearings and seals very straightforward.

Finally, the LEVEL 3 kit is what we consider the full Adventure conversion to the CB500X – that is a fully integrated package of long-travel and uprated/adjustable suspension, together with a replacement heavy-duty spoked wheel-set offering a 17” rear and 19” diameter front wheel – improving suspension performance, increasing ground clearance and allowing a wider range of dual-sport and all-terrain tyres to be fitted.